My first day of my art challenge

I have ben really enjoying myself and wanted to share the “work” (which is short for results of my playing  of the last two days.

WatercolorPencil  Nude Postcard

WatercolorPencil Nude Postcard

This is my second attempt at a watercolor pencil drawing adn the first of a nude. I think it came oout okay. Maybe not perfect but not bad for a beginner with no classes or real talent lol. I had a lot of fun making her and it was therapuetic making the pencil shading come to life with strokes of a brush. Very much enjoyable.

The next two were pieces of editions of ATCs that i enjoy working on every night before bed. I just find them relaxing. i am very much a beginner and they don’t come out perfect but they help me relax and let me get to sleep more easily. One is an asian theme. I have no idea what the text says so please if it is offensive yell at me. And the other is just a basic winter scene. I just enjoy putting the pieces together. These are very basic and are just basic glue and brad and adhesive type pieces. Some of my pieces are much more ornate but lately I have kept them very simple just to enjoy them. I am learning new techniques every day and hope to be able to show some of them on this blog when I do use them.

Winter Theme ATC

Winter Theme ATC

Asian Theme ATC

Asian Theme ATC


One comment on “My first day of my art challenge

  1. I love the watercolour postcard. I’ve tucked it away between some postcards I’ve been meaning to scan and put on my blog. In between postcards means it won’t fall out and get damaged by me or the cat.

    Stephanie – Follow me #9

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