Naga ATCs

"Nagi" 2 of 2

“Nagi” 2 of 2

"Nagi" 1 of 2

“Nagi” 1 of 2

A Naga is a mystical human/serpentine creature well known in Buddhist and Hindu religions and in many tribal traditions in many regions of Asia. They are portrayed in many ways, the majority of them positive, such as bringers of rain and protectors of wells and springs. They are an integral part of the spiritual practices of the people in many regions of India, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, Thailand, Phillipines, Mekong, Cambodia, and Lake Chinni to name a few. As part of a project I drew Two ATCs depicting my interpretation of a female Naga, a Nagi, using watercolor pencils. My drawing of faces is pretty rudimentary still but I gave it my best shot so they are attached.


12 Months of Pretty Dresses: Month one

Practice Dress

Practice Dress

Second dress

Second dress

I am participating in a challenge where we create a new dress each month based on the same template. This month I decided to Zentangle the dress (what a surprise right?) I made two dresses, one practice, and one for the challenge. I ended up sending the practice dress because I made less mistakes ont hat one. But I am including pictures of both of them on here. I hope you like them.