Hi, my name is Rose and I am a 31, soon to be 32 year old wife and mom of 1. My husband, Pete, is 49 and australian. We met over the internet and in person while I was in oz studying Marine Biology and later, nursing science. My son, Liam, is 10, and is a typical 10 year old boy. He loves bikes, playstation 3, shooting, fishing, and general outdoors things. I porginally started a journal at th beginning of the year called my resolution revolution which entialed 37 resolutions for the year. So that did nto end up quite as I planned. I am Bipolar and am not shy about it and that was written and started being undertaken in a very large upswing. Once the down hit, so did the crash of the resolutions. I realize now that I set myself up for a big fall and deliberately did not do some of the things on my list just to spite myself. Lame huh. So this is a new page where I can just express where I am, set up reasonable challenges and write about my progress with them, and go from there. I hope to get something accomplished along the way. I may seem kind of boring but sooner or later you will find out that indeed I do march to the beat of my own drum.



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