Today all signs point to Oz

Today all signs point to Oz. I had dreams about Australia last night. for those of you who don’t know, I lived and went to University there for about 5 years and had my son there as well. unfortunately i had to leave quickly do to an unfortunate misunderstanding with their Immigration Department. Even though my son was an Australian citizen, they felt for some reason when I applied for my visa to stay, I should have applied for one for him as well. I’m not sure how that works. Anyway, I was forced to leave very quickly, leaving my husband behind, to be reunited again in the US three months later. Anyway, I have two amazing step children who aren’t really children at all, Marcus and Jessica. They have both grown up to be amazing adults. I don’t really know them very well as they are halfway across the planet and through a lot of miscommunication, anger, and drama, they haven’t had the best of relationships with their dad (read here none) Well today Marcus got in touch and I got to see photos of his beautiful daughter Nari. She is over a year old and so beautiful. Most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. Peter and his son have totally opened up the lines of communication again and I am hoping for the best for them. Peter also called and talked to his mom for the first time in over 5 years today. They didn’t have much to say but it was a start. A good start even though his mom’s time is short in this world.

I also received my Ever After calendars today from Australia which was amazing timing. My old college friend, Katie Lee Spence, passed away last month after a prolonged fight with malignant melanoma. She was the most beautiful woman both inside and out I have ever met and the world has truly lost and angel. As part of the fundraising to support her treatments, a calendar was made in her honor and that of her Daughter violet who is just one year old. it has a beautiful photo of Katie lee holding violet with a message directly for her in the front of the calender and the last page of the calendar has her dressed up like a princess with her husband Duncan dressed like prince charming. Tears came to my eyes and I  will cherish these images and the calendars and the inspiring words inside of them. Unfortunately, the big launch of the calendars was scheduled for the day after she passed away. She is amazing woman and will be missed.

So all arrows point to Oz today for some reason. I wonder where they will point tomorrow?