Acrylic Abstract Art ATCs

I painted these two ATCs using Blick Studio Acrylics for the Painted Abstract Art ATC beginner swap on swap-bot.

scan0029 scan0030



The Pen Pal Painting Exchange

I signed up for the pen pal painting exchange run by the Brooklyn Art Library. They send you a 4×4 primed canvas and you paint it and fill in a notecard to start a conversation and they send your piece of art along with your filled in notecard to another artist and send a piece of art from someone else back to you. pretty cool idea, right? So this is what I came up with. I did two paintings, almost exactly the same so I could keep one for me.  It’s acrylic blick studio paint on primed canvas.








7 Day Art Challenge: I accept!!

Well since my 30 Days of Truth is completed, I am going to keep using this blog to challenge myself and document those challenges. Challenges may include art, diet, exercise, deep thought, writing, cooking, experimenting, adventures, trying new things, goal setting etc. So I am going to start giving it a shot and keep up from there.

My second challenge starting sunday December 9, 2012 is going to be 7 days of art.  For seven days I have to create something or work on creating something artistically every day and document it in my blog. This will keep my creative juices flowing and relieve stress even though I have several stressful appointments this week and will be preoccupied. It will be healthy for me. Projects don’t have to be finished each day but they have to be worked on and documented. Let the fun Begin.